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Premium quality solar energy systems, designed, engineered and assembled right here in the USA.

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Check out to see all the great work we have done for California!

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As California's leading residential and commercial renewable energy provider we have been helping California residents benefit from solar since 2008. From small projects to large ones we have been up and down the state to install our systems. With our in house installation crews, you know that you are in good hands when you work with SolarMax. Feel free to check out and see where we have helped California's reap the benefits of renewable energy.

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The team at SolarMax takes care of every detail of your solar panel installation, including permits, incentives, and rebates. If you’ve been thinking about converting your home or business to solar power, let one of our specialists explain all of your options and help you make an informed decision about the residential solar panels and system that would be best for your home.


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Great Customer Service

Installation was seamless. Great customer service, Andrea was an incredible help, answered our questions, explained and helped every step of the way. Thank you SolarMax, Andrea and the installation team!

Shannon W.

Very Honest & Knowledgeable

I have had my Solar for one year now thanks to Dan C. He has been very helpful during this year whenever I call him with questions. This guy is very honest and knowledgeable about solar. The best part is no SCE bills and I actually have a big credit with them were as I can run my AC at will this summer.

Linda B.


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For a limited time SolarMax Technology can get you a premium solar energy system with US-assembled, tariff-free solar panels that will save you money every month.
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